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Gay Pornstar Kain Lanning

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Vampires Contemplate Eternal Life

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We go back in time to Elijah White, a new vampire to our story who lectures his mortal boy toy about the rules and expectations of being his little pet. To prove his loyalty, Kyle is made to drink the blood of another mortal pet, Kain Lanning who's caged up in the room for the occasional feeding. After some discipline, Elijah makes sure his mortal boy toy offers up a hard prick for the taking. After some rod sucking, Kyle fucks Elijah good and hard, the way his master likes it.

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Wont You Come In?

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Even vampires need a quick fix now and then. Kain Lanning in his first role as a vampire, meets up with Adrian Layton in hopes of fulfilling his hunger for blood. Learning that his newly found hook up is into biting, Kain gladly fulfills Adrian's kinkiness. After sucking, fucking and blowing his load, he gives Adrian a little love bite, so to speak.

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Vampires Have Been This Sexy But Never This Naked

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Kain Lanning goes out for a stroll alone in the woods. He gets the feeling someone is watching him. Hello, is anybody there? He shouts. Nobody answers. Scared, and alone he quickly starts to head back to his cabin. He glances back and out jumps Jayden Ellis. He exposes his teeth, and the chase begins. Jayden chases Kain through the woods, back to his cabin. Jayden assures Kain he isn't going to hurt him. Does he keep his word? The two fuck like animals leading up to a dramatic ending. Will Kain join Jayden's army?

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