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Fucking Josh In The Shower!

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We don't do this too often, but I was so horny watching my boyfriend Josh in the shower that I had to have the tight little ass around my joystick, and I wanted to get it on video too. It's risky taking the laptop into the bathroom, but it was totally worth it to get this video of us sucking each other and then me sticking my dick in his ass. We got some great spunk facials at the end too!

April 10, 2015 kainlanning Videos 0

Playful Boys Get Raunchy

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If you found yourself in a tickle fight with either Kain or Tyler you would probably end up sharing pecker and enjoying a horny fuck too! That's all it takes for these boys, and within moments those dicks are out in some delicious 69 sucking and Tyler is sliding his ass down on those hard inches to get them both unloading hard!

August 30, 2013 kainlanning Videos 0

Vampires Contemplate Eternal Life

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We go back in time to Elijah White, a new vampire to our story who lectures his mortal boy toy about the rules and expectations of being his little pet. To prove his loyalty, Kyle is made to drink the blood of another mortal pet, Kain Lanning who's caged up in the room for the occasional feeding. After some discipline, Elijah makes sure his mortal boy toy offers up a hard prick for the taking. After some rod sucking, Kyle fucks Elijah good and hard, the way his master likes it.

July 24, 2012 kainlanning Random Stuff 0

Kain & Ryan Fuck in the Kitchen

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Kain Lanning and Ryan Sharp kiss in the kitchen before Kain sits down to let Ryan suck his dick. The lip-pierced stunner works over the vampire's cock before getting his own dong wet. These two make use of the island in the kitchen by fucking all over it. First Kain takes Ryan like a dog before getting him flat on his back. Ryan cums while he's being fucked just before Kain squirts all over his chest.

October 31, 2011 kainlanning Random Stuff 0

A Chance Encounter Turns Hot and Wet

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Vampire Kain Lanning is prowling the streets when he comes across Jonathan Cole, who's looking for some company. The two end up back at the house in the shower together, trading oral sex and eating each others asses. The vampire bends Jonathan over the sink to fuck him doggy style before taking him missionary, as well. Kain even gets his own ass fucked by Jonathan before the two blow their loads all over Jonathan's stomach.

September 23, 2011 kainlanning Random Stuff 0

Farm Boy Turned Gay Pornstar

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Kain Lanning is a hot little guy from Iowa. He talks about his upbringing, his family, and what they all think of him being in the business. Kain is really open and discusses his career in detail. This interview is one of the longer ones and very candid. You can tell he really enjoys his work and will continue in the field for as long as he can.

May 2, 2011 kainlanning Random Stuff 0

Wont You Come In?

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Even vampires need a quick fix now and then. Kain Lanning in his first role as a vampire, meets up with Adrian Layton in hopes of fulfilling his hunger for blood. Learning that his newly found hook up is into biting, Kain gladly fulfills Adrian's kinkiness. After sucking, fucking and blowing his load, he gives Adrian a little love bite, so to speak.

April 30, 2011 kainlanning Random Stuff 0

Hide and Seek Gone Naughty

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Kain Lanning and Tyler Bolt are up to no good today. A boring game of hide and seek turns into a tussle and then a tickle fight. What comes next is hot twink kissing and oh so much more. This scene features heavy dick sucking action with some 69 and a nice anal scene. Tyler takes Kain's big schlong like a young pro.

December 4, 2010 kainlanning Random Stuff 0

Vampires Have Been This Sexy But Never This Naked

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Kain Lanning goes out for a stroll alone in the woods. He gets the feeling someone is watching him. Hello, is anybody there? He shouts. Nobody answers. Scared, and alone he quickly starts to head back to his cabin. He glances back and out jumps Jayden Ellis. He exposes his teeth, and the chase begins. Jayden chases Kain through the woods, back to his cabin. Jayden assures Kain he isn't going to hurt him. Does he keep his word? The two fuck like animals leading up to a dramatic ending. Will Kain join Jayden's army?

November 30, 2010 kainlanning Random Stuff 0

Look how nutritious this man-meat is!

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After a good workout session Tyler Hollis decides to relax and indulge in sucking a bit of a sweet lollipop. On the other hand, Kain Lanning is concerned about Tyler's health and tries to convince him on sucking on something else. To Kain's surprise, his friend goes for a good old high-protein man meat!

November 15, 2010 kainlanning Random Stuff 0

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